19 April 2008


While we were emptying the cupboards in the kitchen in Goleta we re-discovered the pack of "Jell-O Banana Cream Artificial Flavor Instant Pudding & Pie Filling" which Tue inherited from one of the German post-docs he shared his lab with over the years. Lisbeth was very skeptical towards this, but in the end Tue's curiosity won: The box was opened, 3 cups of milk were poured into a bowl and the hand-held mixer was plugged into the socket. The mixture was whipped for 2 minutes and poured into 2 bowls in which it solidified suspiciously fast. Lisbeth wondered if the source of this could be "something disgusting chemical", which Tue had to admit it was after studying the box more closely: The thickening agent was sodium pyrophosphate. The final product had a texture much like pudding, but tasted of bananas in the super-artificial way Danes recognize from banana flavored marshmallows...

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