06 April 2008


Yes-yes-yes, we know - things have been very slow around here lately. But there was a dissertation and a thesis to finish. The former was due on March 21st - or, that is, actually it was not due until March 28th, but none of those in the know ever informed Tue that the deadline had been postponed. So it was filed on March 21st and later that day Tue also had the pleasure of defending it and afterwards serving shots of a certain black drink to those in the audience interested.
On the way home we went by the campus lagoon and the rest of the weekend was spent celebrating the fresh Ph.D. - first with a trip to the local brewery with a handful of friends, later at a restaurant with the entire research group. Following the festivities were a few hectic days spent packing and cleaning before ending the whole thing with a few days in the San Francisco area. Tuesday afternoon we landed in Geneva and are now busy settling in here. Coming posts will deal more with these experiences.

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