26 April 2008

Bail à loyer

The past couple of weeks have been quite frustrating to us housing-wise as we spent all of our time and energy finding a path through the wilderness that is the Genevan housing market. Expect another post dedicated this subject at some later time - for now we'll just say that the process was kind of crazy, which didn't do anything to alleviate our frustration.
But in the end we prevailed! This past Thursday Tue signed a rental contract for a nice little flat with a view over the river Arve and a small balcony in a lovely neighborhood close to university. Hip-hip-hooray! We'll get the keys this coming week and then we can finally get started on really unpacking since we left California.

But first we need to buy a fridge and a stove since apartments here are standardly rented with empty kitchens - sometimes even without the cupboards. Security deposit and mandatory insurance also needed to be dealt with. Oh, yes - we also need to get a bed and some other furniture and some kitchenware ... and ...

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