23 April 2008

Geneva 1.0

These weeks we are criss-crossing Geneva on our bicycles in search of a more long-term housing solution, which provides us with excellent opportunities to get a sense of the place. The most apparent feature of the city is that it is surrounded by mountains – all of them French. To the north the Jura Mountains stand – currently very beautifully snow-capped – and to the south is a lower mountain range called Salève where the snow is almost completely gone.

Some parts of Geneva are of course characterised by Lake Geneva and in even more parts of the city the Jet d’Eau can be seen.

How tall that Jet actually is and when it springs – we have passed the lake one morning when it wasn’t springing – we haven’t found out, but we were certainly surprised at HOW tall it is the first time we spotted it. That it is a rather tacky landmark for Geneva is another story…

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