03 November 2008

Cruising the Rhône

While wandering around Geneva with Lisbeth's mother we happened to pass the quay where one can take a boat trip on the Rhône - and we decided to try that some other time. We got the chance already one week later, and took it.

Almost immediately after starting we had to pass a lock - conveniently located close to the old pumping station (a building which particularly Lisbeth enjoys beholding). After that the cruise went for a bout an hour in at a leisurely pace to the dam at Verbois. On the way we could enjoy the beginning fall colours on the trees along the river, the odd comment by the guide over the boat's speaker system, a number of bridges (of as many types), and from time to time a view of the Jura in the background. The latter were especially nice since we were so lucky to make the trip on the first (and, as it would turn out, only) weekend in October with snow in the Jura mountains.

Of course it was also possible to purchase a range of beverages and snacks on board, but we were perfectly happy to get by with the "Salt Bombs" (little balls of black licorice rolled in a mix of sugar and ammonium chloride) we had brought along ourselves.

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