07 November 2008


It couldn't wait any longer now - we had to go and experience a real slice of France, rather than this silliness of just biking a few miles across the border and back. We decided on Lyon, conveniently reached in a couple of hours from Geneva by TGV (and this without the train going at top speed as far as we could tell).

After a weekend of fantastic weather we couldn't have been happier about our choice: Lyon is beautifully located where the rivers Saône and Rhône join forces (this seems to be a recurring theme) and offers surprisingly many sights, brilliantly landscaped recreational areas - particularly along the river, a system of city bikes far superior to that found in Copenhagen, several lovely neighbourhoods (not least of which the old town), and impressive murals. Overmore, Lyon is considered the gastronomical capital of France.

It seems the old romans rather liked this place too...

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