14 November 2008

On fait du bricolage

The French title means something along the lines of "one is (or we are) performing hobby-like work and/or doing repairs in the home" and is used here to signify that we Tue finally got our his act together and did something about the remaining problems in our apartment.

It is starting to really manifest itself that the year is coming to an end, and we still haven't understood the deeper principles behind the radiators here in our apartment (we leave them on constantly, but they appear only to be warm on the weekend). Therefore we started out by making a third trip to Ikea on a Friday night to pick up a winter comforter and a small rug for the hallway. The latter making it possible to get to the bathroom without stepping on the cold floor tiles. Oh, and we put our map of Europe up on the wall.

Another consequence of the changing seasons is that by now it is dark most of the hours we're both at home. So it was about time we got some light in the hallway: we ended up moving the socket and bare bulb from the kitchen (putting in its place the three-spot lamp we bought for the kitchen many moons ago) to the hallway - making it much easier to actually look at the aforementioned map of Europe. Being already at it, we installed a small lamp for reading by the bed and a wall hanger. All in all the hallway seems a lot more complete now.

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