11 November 2008

Grand Lyon Vélo

Already prior to leaving for Lyon we read about their city bike system. So we were looking forward to trying it for ourselves and finding out if it worked as well as it sounded like it would. We hadn't been on the city for long before seeing the first city bike station.

The system is clearly used quite a lot. We saw a lot of people biking around the city on the easily recognizable city bikes, and some stations were even prone to being "sold out".

The terminals were able to direct you to the nearest stations with available bikes, and the stations were fairly close (at least in the parts of the city we visited).

We managed to get two one-week subscriber cards and to rent two bikes (despite the terminal switching from English to French halfway through the transaction - boooooohh!) which allowed to cover some more ground on our Sunday in Lyon. The bikes themselves were pretty good - they were a little heavy (sturdily built), 3 speed, front basket, lock, and lights front and back (apparently induction powered). We ended up paying 8 Euro per bike, which could have been less if we had been better at returning the bikes to the system when we stopped for longer times around town. Forgetting for a moment the inability of the system to communicate properly in English, we have to declare ourselves very satisfied customers.

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