14 October 2008

Bergamask Cuisine

Despite our short visit to Bergamo there were a couple of interesting experiences food wise. For lunch we followed the steady flow of people to a place in the old town where sumptuous slices of pizza were cut, warmed and sold by weight:

We brought the beer and tomatoes ourselves. When Tue was getting ready to have his picture taken an Englishman passing by offered to take the photo so Lisbeth could also be in it (he appeared to think our lunch set-up looked absolutely fabulous).

At night we ate in the modern city, but at a restaurant with a traditional menu. When asked if Tue wanted his polenta (a thick corn porridge) with cheese and mushrooms he said yes, naively expecting a bit of grated parmesan. As it turned out, the polenta was well hidden under a thick fused lid of 5-6 different cheeses...

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