06 October 2008

The Tamaro-Lema ridge

One of our important goals in Ticino was to hike along the ridge from Mt. Tamaro to Mt. Lema. We started early in the morning by taking the train from Lugano, then an aerial tramway almost to the top of Mt. Tamaro. Then followed 6-7 hours of hiking along the ridge before taking an other aerial tramway down from Mt. Lema and then a bus back towards Lugano. On Mt. Tamaro Botta put an incredibly beautiful and different church which impressed by being located halfway off of the side of the mountain:
After climbing to the top of Mt. Tamaro it was basically just a long and very hot (yes, that is Lisbeth you see wearing her shirt on her head in order to provide her forehead with a little shade) walk along a dusty path all the way to Mt. Lema (of which one catches a glimpse to the far right in this photo):
Along the way we were rewarded for our efforts with fabulous views of the pre-alps and Locarno on the right:
... and Lugano and Lake Lugano to the left:

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