12 October 2008


After Lugano our trip continued into northern Italy (once more) - more specifically Bergamo from where we were to fly to Billund in Denmark. Before that we had the better part of a day to look at the city which was a positive surprise, to put it mildly. In fact, it was a fantastic experience for rounding off that part of our vacation. The modern city sprawls across the plain around the old city strategically located on a hill. Inside the relatively well-preserved walls of fortification one finds little shops and restaurants side by side in the narrow, winding alleys. The modern city, by contrast, is dominated by long, straight, broad boulevards.
If we ever happen to come that way again we are quite likely to plan more than a single night for it - and since Ryan Air has a hub here there are ample options for people in need of a time-out from the fall season of northern Europe.

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