17 October 2008

Holiday in Denmark

View over the moor in mid-Jutland

After a sunny week in the Swiss mountains it was time for some weeks in the somewhat flatter Denmark. We spent the time visiting with friends and family around Denmark - mostly in Jutland, very briefly on Funen, and at last in the Capital region. Even though the weather wasn't as nice as we had hoped it was great to have time for seeing a lot of people at a relatively leisurely pace (as compared to Tue's quite hectic trips to Denmark in the previous years). Of course we still didn't manage to see everybody, but it was fabulous to see all those we did - our thankful thoughts for their hospitality.

Bækbygård Beach

View over the dunes towards inland Jutland

Even though Denmark was quite a bit more rainy than Switzerland we managed to swimming one time at 'Bækbygård' beach (in the North Sea). On the way home across the moorish landscape in Jutland we stopped at 'Tihøje' (Ten Hills) so we could collect lingonberries.

Erica (heath) on the moor at 'Tihøje' (Ten Hills)

Forest path at 'Tihøje' (Ten Hills)

Lingonberries and acorn

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