22 November 2007

A Melon on The Ceiling

Recently we were informed that workers would come to install new lamps in and around our apartment. This was supposed to improve the safety and reduce the power consumption. The first thing we noticed was that the new lamps are quite a bit stronger than the old ones. For example, one now has the impression that you could shoot a movie in our bathroom.

We were told that the new lamp on our patio was equipped with a sensor, so that we shouldn't ever need to turn it off using the switch. Naively we of course assumed this meant a motion sensor, so that the lamp would come on if/when we made any moves on the patio after dark. It turned it was simply a light intensity sensor, meaning that the lamp was on all night long - very good for cutting back on the power consumption, right?! ... but now we did turn it off at the switch as also this lamp gave a ludicrously bright light.

The new lamp on the ceiling in our kitchen/living room area also is somewhat brighter than the old one, but much more remarkable is that it now appears as if we have a giant, milky white mammary on the ceiling in the middle of the room...

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