27 November 2007

SB is for Santa Barbara

Lisbeth recently discovered that the ’alphabet crime novels’, by Sue Grafton, actually take place here in Santa Barbara. Her curiosity was peaked and Lisbeth had the first book in the series ordered - an easily read but still quite entertaining little book, not least of course due to the (recognizable) descriptions of places.

Grafton has her private detective, Kinsey Millhone, live in the city 'Santa Teresa', but the descriptions of the town itself and such neighborhoods as 'Montebello' and 'Horton Ravine' fit quite accurately for both Santa Barbara and the neighborhoods of Montecito and Hope Ranch, respectively. Furthermore, lots of other places in the area occur by their own 'real' names (amongst others Lompoc, Ventura, and Thousand Oaks).

So if anyone feels like reading a fictional description of our area, don't hesitate to go get A is for Alibi at the library.

If Lisbeth is going to make it all the way through the alphabet isn't known at this point - so far books up to T have been published. But she is tempted to read more, if nothing else to see if the city continues to be described in the same indirect fashion.

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