15 November 2007

More about our election day

Now that the election is over in Denmark it's about time we tell a little more about or voting-trip.

Due to Halloween we wanted to back in SB before too late, but we did manage to get a little more out of the time in LA than just our visit to the consulate.

We decided to use this opportunity to visit the Page Museum. Where Hancock Park is located today there was around the time of the last ice age an asphalt pool. In warm times the asphalt was soft enough to trap several animals over the years. The area was untouched untill around the year 1900, and during the past century several thousand fossils have been uncovered here, amongst others mastodons, mammoths and saber-toothed cats. It was a nicely organized museum with a nice exhibit and the option of seeing a scientist working (!) but unfortunately we didn't actually take any pictures of how big the mastodons were.

The museum building itself is rather interesting too. It's located as a box on top of a small hill and all the way around the building there's images of ice age landscapes and animals cut in the stone - perhaps this can be seen in the picture.

We found it an interesting coincidence that the Danish consulate and the Page museum is located on the same street, but since some streets are very long in LA this was still two different neighbourhoods - with Beverly Hills located between them.

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