11 November 2007

There was a special day last week..

It was Halloween last week. The attentive reader might be able to figure out where we most of that day just by looking at the picture with the beautiful pumpkin display. The shopping cart (which we didn't dare move in order to take the picture) looks like it belongs to a homeless person, and therefore we were - obviously - in LA. Not that there are not any homeless people in Santa Barbara, but we've never seen them be allowed to bring their cart this close to goods for sale at the stores.

Anyway, we had to make a day trip to LA because the prime minister of Denmark decided to have an election with short notice! So short in fact that the week before our trip to LA the Danish Consulate still didn't know the deadline for voting there.

It became a longer trip with other experiences too. Therefore we unfortunately couldn't make it back in time to be home for kids going trick-or-treating around here. And now we had prepared and bought some candy for the occasion. That turned out nicely for the guests we had the following weekend. While chatting with Heidie Thursday morning we suddenly realized we would have visitoers one Friday earlier than we were expecting...

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